Amongst the top reasons why start-ups and new product lines fail, is the mismanagement of capital on Marketing and PR activities.
An overinvestment or a lack of investment, without having validated the idea or clarified the brand’s purpose, can be detrimental!

Founders are passionate about their products and services, often quantum-leaping to launch, and therefore unconsciously missing the most critical steps between ideation, validation, and execution.

Visionary ideas, polished prototypes, and sleek pitch-decks do not offer enough gravity to guarantee funding or indicate the early success of a venture.

In fact, 14% of ventures fail due to poor marketing (statista), and this statistic is greater for start-ups that have not fully established a market need, or clarified their brand message right from the start.

With a noticeable increase in Angel Investors and VCs hesitating to fund early stage start-ups, Founders need to work harder than ever to raise capital, and must operate lean business structures if they want to be viable in a competitive entrepreneurial landscape.

Branding is pivotal during every stage of a venture’s lifecycle.
Without a defined message, Founders can be derailed and severely impaired when it comes to communicating their vision and value to customers and investors. This can considerably slow down their momentum in the marketplace; in fact, timing accounts for 42% of the difference between successes and failures (Forbes).

Beyond brand strategy, we guide clients through every stage of their venture lifecycle, with our Brand Validation & Traction Roadmap Sessions, which address critical impact steps most start-ups miss.

Our 1-hour topline exploration session offers immediate value to Founders and their teams.

  • Helps Founders assess their current status and position within their start-up lifecycle.
  • Immediately uncovers vital developmental areas that have been missed or not adequately addressed.
  • Highlights areas that present brand inconsistencies, which are likely to affect commercialization.
  • Offers immediate answers to the most commonly asked questions on Branding, Marketing, and PR for monetization and multi-market scaling.

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